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SCR&R 90-Day Action Plan & Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Most companies struggle to get started in “how to” approach SCR&R. Our goal in developing this program is to provide an easy way to get started without a significant investment in time and provide the recommendation plan in a virtual environment. Most importantly, we were compelled to develop this new offering gameplan to organizations to enable the organization to survive and thrive in a COVID-19 environment. Furthermore, we want to provide a meaningful and actionable 90-day plan to help you get started.
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Top Motivations to use the Prescriptive 90-Day Action Plan

  • Building a Prescriptive SCR&R Roadmap Program

  • Establishing a clear–cut sequence SCR&R Events

  • Creating a SCR&R Strategy

  • Development of Key Risk Indicators

  • Improve Cost Avoidance aligned to Risk Events

  • Develop Organizational Talent in Risk Management

  • Gain Align across your organization in Risk Management

  • Improve Bottom-Line Financial Performance Metrics

  • Garner additional Revenue and Market Share

  • Improve Working Capital Free Cash Flow

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