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Access the SCM Risk Assessment Tool mentioned in "Supply Chain Risk Management, An Emerging Discipline" by Gregory L. Schlegel and Robert J. Trent: 


Mitigating China Supply Chain Issues in 2023  | Optilogic

Today, US companies are more hesitant than ever when it comes to manufacturing in China. Ongoing trade tensions push many US companies to re-evaluate supply chains and diversify sourcing options to remain resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Many companies are actively reducing reliance on Chinese manufacturers. The current sentiment toward China’s supply chain is apprehensive at best.

Optilogic Introduces Personalized Risk Profiling in Cosmic Frog Supply Chain Network Design Platform

Supply chain design software innovator Optilogic today announced personalized risk profiling, available as part of its Cosmic Frog supply chain network design solution. Cosmic Frog is the fastest network design solution and provides a risk score on every scenario to help companies proactively minimize risk and volatility.

90 Day Online Supply Chain Risk Assessment Webinar Playlist

Supply Chain Readiness Assessment Webinar Playlist

LEORON Institute | Episode 51: Supply Chain Risk Management & Resilience

Podcast: Pursuing a Career in Supply Chain Risk and Resilience – with Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium


Global Health Supply Chain Summit | Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency - Greg Schlegel